DSCN1018We have a wide range of ecological expertise that can assist you with your projects.

What we do

An Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey is the basic starting point for most ecological assessments of sites. It provides a basic understaindg of the habitats in the area and a check of any protected species that may have been recorded locally.

It provides a map of the habitats present on a site, with each habitat assessed for its potential to support protected or notable species.

A desk study is often carried out in conjunction with an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey to collect all existing ecological data about the site.

These surveys provide information on:

  • Which species are present, or potentially present on the site
  • The potential impacts of the development on a particular species
  • The legal and planning policy issues that may need to be addressed

The results of the Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey may highlight the need for more detailed further surveys to fully inform planning applications. These surveys could be subject to season constraints for particular species.

Additional Ecological Assessments

In addition to Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys we can also provide cost effective surveys for:

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